Monday, May 7, 2012

Rinkle - the horrifying truth

Translating an account form a close friend who has been investigating the atrocities against Rinkle Kumari and the Hindu community Pakistan. It is clear the State or some Part of the State of Pakistan is complicit in the Abduction and rape.

Brothers as I said yesterday (29th April 2012) I was going to reveal a horrifying secret. Our investigation has been ongoing since 2nd February 2012, I am presenting some to you so you may decide for yourself if this State is right for us or not?

According to our investigation through credible sources we have come to know that another Member National Assembly (MNA) and Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Khurdshid Shah and Myan Mithoo spoke on March 9th 2012. They schemed to disrupt the due process of the court. The Call was placed from Khurshid Shah’s mobile number (XXX_XXXXXXX) to Miyan Mithoo. Khurshid Shah also called to Inspector General Police (I.G.P.) Sind on April 9th 2012 and told come what may we have to do this and teach these “bannyaas” (derogatory term for hindus) a lesson so that they keep silent. He also called the head of the Allya Panah Shelter Home Ms. Majida Rizvi and the supervisor Iftikhar on April 4rth 2012 that this job had to done. 
The Gate keeper of the Shelter Home and together with Supervisor Ifthikhar enabled Mian Mithoos son Naved Shah to sexually abuse Rinkle Kumari from April 10th  2012 to April 16th 2012 from 8 Pm to midnight each night. When Rinkle was taken to Islamabad she was raped on April 17th 2012 from 11.35 PM to 6 Am in the morning. When she was brought to the Supreme Court on April 18th 2012 she was drugged so she would not be able to communicate or record her testimony. Mian Mithoo’s son provided a typed document through the local police officer (the typed document stated that she accepted Islam of her free will).  It begs the question where did the typed document come from? Against explicit orders of the Supreme Court Rinkle was drugged and threatened.
Brothers here is another dirty secret Supreme Court was also deceived. As per the orders of the Supreme Court (Rinkle, Aisha, Dr. lata) were sent to Registrar’s office to record their testimonies. When they got there Mian Mitthoo’s son and people from a Militant group were waiting for them. Their testimony was already prepared before they arrived. Just got thumb prints.
Our investigations are complete and will keep recording (details and evidences). This proves that the mothers and daughters or Hindus and the youth have been fooled from 24th February 2012 to 18th April 2012.  Some people in the State including Khurshid Shah, Mian Mithoo, Registrar (Supreme Court) and Shelter Home employees have connived (in this atrocity). Today everyone should ask where are the champions of Human Rights?  The NGO’s that get millions of dollars from the West.


  1. Where are the human rights organizations? Why can't a supreme court judge record the statement of Rinkle instead of asking her to record the statement before the registrar? Why is supreme court not providing adequate security? How can hindus live in such horrible conditions?

  2. don't even thin that india will help her because india i a country of secular s and the condition of hindus are even worse than in pakistan under the regime of these fucking secular congress and others. if you want to help yourself just f*** them back . agar marna hi hay to lad ke maro 10 ko mar ke maro. fir duniya bhi aapke kadmun main hogi aur khud saB SAnsthae aapki help ko ayengi.

  3. Is Congress Government ne to India mein Hindu population ki to aur hi jaan le rakhkhi hai. Uska bas chale to Hindu logon ko jaan se maar de. Agar yahi kaam Pakistan mein kisi American ya Britisher ke saath hota to ab tak world Human Rights waale aur UNO sab ke sab saale Pakistan mein kuud pardte aur uska haal Iran jaisa kar dete......

    1. बिलकुल सही कहा आपने हमारा हिन्दुसमाज हमेशा सोता रहा है ४०० सालो तक मुगलों ने पुरे भारत पर इसी तरह के अत्याचार किये है फिर अंग्रेजो ने | मुस्लिम आतंकवाद बढेगा और पुरे भारत को गिरफ्त मे लेकर इस देश को मुस्लिम देश बना लेगा , वह दिन दूर नहीं |

  4. Agar mera bas chale to main pakistan aur bangladesh ke saare hinduon ko India mein bula kar basaa doon aur India ke saare muslims ko pakistan aur bangladesh bhej doon ZABARDASTI. Taaki phir kisi hindu par atyachar na ho. par yeh sujhav bhi congress ko nagawar gujarega....